Our crew works closly with doctors and distributors, keeping full scale evaluation of clinical needs, current treatments and market potential. 

Choosing from the greatest potential, most demanded clinical need out of hundreds of ideas to develop.

Doctors focusing on clinical demands (Unmet Need Club).

Market channels includes foreign and domestic markets.

Engineers providing possible solutions.

feasibility assessment


Maxima Biotech Inc's crew reviews the product specifications, patent layout, market analysis, confirm regulation, technical difficulties and marketing strategies in depth, making sure our prodcut has concrete feasibility.

Providing product specifications from user demand.

Evaluating current patent validity and availability.

Evaluating market potential and determine future strategy.

Evaluating product regulations, standard procedures.

Design and development


To make sure our product  truely meets clinical needs, we continuously and tirelessly vertify our product's effectiveness and safty with our design, development, patent, regulation and physician crew.


Prototype design: Maxima Biotech Inc.'s designing crew employs professional designing soft and hardware to prepare model and analysis for assuring zero delay in prototype development, which will be initial tested and reviewed by clinical physicians. During our development cycle, we continue to innovate, evaluate risks and vertify possibilities,  assuring maxium success rate.

Test production: Maxima Biotech Inc.'s development crew determines production process to set the foundation for future commercializaion. During which we assure the state of the art procedure for trial production and bench test to assure our product meets the utmost criteria.

Animal testing and clinical trial: Maxima Biotech Inc.'s crew cooperates closely with physicians and GLP labs, together we design the procedure and plan of production, all to make sure our product is safe under all conditions.



Maxima Biotech Inc.'s team works tirelessly to monitor our quality making sure our product is safe and effective.

Mass production testing: Maxima Biotech Inc.'s developing crew monitors our quality at all times, assuring our quality meets the highest expectations, and continues to improve our yeld and efficiency. 

Sales: Maxima Biotech Inc.'s sales team are well experienced with international marketing, and has close connections with every main distribution channels across the world, providing a fast and efficient entry to targeted market.

Evaluating crucial technology and solutions.

Regulatory certification: At the every stage of development, Maxima Biotech Inc.'s law ferm will continue to ensure the legal requirement of each sales area, guaranteeing a successfull registration and certification.